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PlayFab makes hard things easy. Our voice is bright, bold, and intentional.

This style guide will help you use our brand assets, like our logo and colors, in a way that is consistent with our promised level of power and reliability.

Powered by Microsoft Azure PlayFab

Use a text label for attribution within games.

Powered by Microsoft Azure Playfab logo text specifications
Powered by Microsoft Azure Playfab logo in stacked orientation

Text Specifications

Size ratio of ‘Microsoft Azure PlayFab’ text to ‘Powered by’ text is 10:6. ‘Powered by Microsoft Azure PlayFab’ is in Segoe UI Semibold, tracking set to 20 and line height to 90%. ‘Microsoft Azure PlayFab’ is in Microsoft Mid Gray (#737373) or Microsoft White (#ffffff). The ‘P’ and ‘F’ in PlayFab are capitalized. Always left aligned.


Use the orientation, horizontal or stacked, that best fits the composition.

Color variations

Use appropriate light or dark variation for your situation and ensure minimum contrast for legibility.

Clear space considerations

The height/width of the “M” in “Microsoft” is a measurement for the minimum clear space requirement around the logo. This space is flat and free of any other design element and clear of the edge of the page.

Microsoft Azure PlayFab Logo Lock Up

Never use the ‘Microsoft Azure PlayFab’ logo lock-up outside of

‘Microsoft Azure PlayFab’ logo lock-up not for use outside of usage

This particular lock-up is used exclusively for and should not be used to any materials outside the context of, PlayFab blog, and PlayFab forums.

Copyright and credit notice

Please include this copyright and credit notice as is, without modification, on any "help" or "credit" screens in your game.

Portions of this program © 2023 Microsoft Azure PlayFab

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