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PlayFab for Producers

Set your team up for long term success without a huge upfront investment.

Benefit from Reliable, Hyper-Scale Cloud Services

Save on development, training and service costs with an established LiveOps solution.

Future Proof
Be future proof with built-in support for platforms, game engines and stores.
Protect Your Game
Protect your game with Microsoft enterprise level support and service monitoring.
Leverage secure managed cloud infrastructure that spans over 50 Azure data centers worldwide.
New Features
Receive notifications for important updates and new features.

Innovate Faster

PlayFab’s easy-to-use tools and battle tested LiveOps services let your team focus on what they do best.

Game Manager
Access Game Manager web portal where team members work together to build, configure, and operate your game with a simple graphical user interface.
Assign Roles and Permissions
Create roles and assign permissions so users can access only the features and data they need.
Manage Accounts
Manage accounts and customer service for your PlayFab users.
Product Updates
Receive notifications for important updates and new features.

Stay Informed

Get immediate insight into what’s going on inside your game, with full visibility into performance and issues.

Pre-Generated Reports
View critical metrics with pre-generated reports available by daily email and in the Analytics section of Game Manager. Data refreshes every two minutes with no processing lag.
Real-Time Visualization
Empower your LiveOps team with real-time visualization of in-game events as they stream into PlayFab. With Game Manager team members can drill down to view the full JSON data for any event.


Comply with GDPR, COPPA and other government regulations.

PlayFab is committed to being General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant and as your service provider ensuring that we provide you with the hooks you need to allow players to view or delete their data.
PlayFab is in use today by COPPA compliant games.