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Multiplayer Services

Grow fearlessly with a set of back-end building blocks for your live game

Bring players together with cross-network identity, multiplayer servers, accessible party chat, translation and more.

Cross-Network Identity & Data

Meet players where they are

Player Data Management

Share player information and game state across devices.

Player Authentication

Start with frictionless authentication and let players link accounts to roam across Xbox, PSN, Nintendo, Facebook and beyond.

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Multiplayer Servers

Dynamically scale dedicated multiplayer servers

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated multiplayer servers deliver low-latency and high reliability real-time gameplay.

Global Reach with Microsoft Azure

Get closer to players on a cloud with more global regions than any other provider.

24/7 Monitoring and DDoS Protection

Protect against DDoS attacks and other incidents.

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Matchmaking and Groups

Help players find new friends and competitors.

Groups, Guilds & Clans

Build communities around your game.


Use the proven capabilities of Xbox Live’s SmartMatch, on any platform, to help players find opponents.

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Leaderboards and Statistics

Track, compare and reward player success

Tournaments and Leaderboards

Facilitate permanent or limited-time competitions amongst friends or strangers.


Reward players based on their actions and leaderboard ranks.


Reset leaderboards on a schedule and archive standings so players can view past results.

Cheat Prevention

Defend against unwanted behavior.

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